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Medical Tourism

Plastic surgery in Northwestern Poland.
Arab medical tourism: news portal, events and conferences, hospitals, featured news, destinations
Facilitator of medical tourism services for those who want to get elective surgery done in India.
US based medical tourism company for North Americans, Europeans and others offering medical and dental travel services to India, Singapore, Thailand, Mexico, Turkey, Panama, and Costa Rica. Includes facilities, doctors, procedures, and registration information.
Cosmetic surgery in Venezuela. Includes facilities, accomodations, procedures details and FAQ.
Providing medical tourism in India. Details of participating hospitals, facilities, and specialists.
US based medical tourism agency for North Americans with trips to facilities in Argentina, Brazil, Costa Rica, El Salvador, India, Malaysia, South Africa, Thailand, and Turkey.
Medical tourism services in Thailand. Includes list of procedures, facilities and contact information.
Medical tourism agency offering broad range of procedures and destinations.
Arranges cosmetic surgery, FUE hair transplant and dental treatments in Prague, Czech Republic.
Website offering medical tourism information and healthcare service packages in India.
Specializes in offering holidays to dialysis patients. Includes information about the Turkish Riviera, hotels, daily tours, and Fresenius Medical Care.
Referral service for dental, cosmetic, eye, fertility, orthopedic medical tourism in Turkey and Cyprus.