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Mental Health Disorders

Mental disorders are basically associated with problems related to behavior, as well as attitudes and impulses and the disorders of other brain functions. Treatment for any brain disorder is highly personalized. While the understanding of an illness helps the therapist know what to expect and how to go about treating the patient, the extent of the illness with a patient can vary completely and thus the need to personalize a treatment form.

There are various forms of mental disorders. Anxiety disorders top the lists simply because of the complex life styles that most people lead these days. It is basically characterized by people getting afraid of a particular type of situation when it actually poses no trouble to them at all. This can be the result of a prior trauma that may have been too much for the person to handle emotionally. They are scared of thing repeating in the same manner. Anxiety disorders often accompany post-traumatic stress disorder and obsessive-compulsive disorders.

The next type is that related to moods. This can be where you feel extreme happiness or sadness. These can fluctuate rather intensely leading to a person swinging between happy and sad within a matter of seconds and that too for no obvious reasons. Another type of mental health disorder manifests itself in the form of eating related disorders. This largely occurs in women rather than men. Anorexia and bulimia are two very common eating disorders where guilt drives women to overeat or under-eat.

Then there is also what is known as personality disorders and these can range anywhere from depressed individuals to those who seem to have a completely different personality lodged in them. They can go from being passive to being extremely violent at the slightest provocation. Most of the people with personality disorders don’t really know that there is something not right with them.

If you find that a close family member or friend is not their usual self or seems to be displaying disturbing behavior it would be a good idea to get them evaluated. Of course being outright about it may disturb them even further so it would be best to try and be subtle about it. If possible have the evaluation done at home.

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