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Breast Cancer and Women’s Health

Breast cancer is the most common cause of cancer in women. It is found that breast cancer is the second most common cause of cancer death in women. Though the cause of breast cancer is unknown, genetic and/or hormonal factors are considered as the primary causes for breast cancer.

Age, Personal history of breast cancer, Family history, Certain breast changes, Gene changes, Reproductive and menstrual history, Breast density, Being overweight or obese after menopause, Lack of physical activity, Drinking alcohol are some risk factors for breast cancer. Other possible risk factors are under study. A lot of websites and health articles are there for women to learn about breast cancer symptoms, diagnosis and treatment.

Breast cancer is women’s number one health worry. Early breast cancer usually does not cause pain. Other health problems may also cause the symptoms such as breast pain. Still, a woman must seek the advice of the general physician about her breast pain or any other symptom that does not go away, so that problems can be diagnosed and treated as early as possible.

When a woman is affected with breast cancer, it affects their physical and mental health disproportionately. Breast cancer, can affect a woman’s self-image and self-confidence. When she comes to know that she is a victim of breast cancer, she undergoes emotional stress, besides the physical and mental discomforts. Some women undergoes emotional burden when disclosing their diagnosis to loved ones.

All the treatment for breast cancer including surgery, chemotherapy, radiation therapy, immunotherapy, and vaccine therapy, has their own side effects. But women with breast cancer experience more side effects from chemotherapy. According to reports, some breast cancer patients treated with chemotherapy experience congestive heart failure after some months. But the rate of cardiac toxicity is lower with some recently found chemotherapy agents. Women undergoing chemotherapy for breast cancer may experience side effects such as infections, low blood counts, dehydration, nausea, fever, etc. Some may even require hospitalization or emergency department care.

Women with breast cancer should learn how to cope with the disease and the effects of the treatment. Women affected with this breast cancer must be allowed to talk to other women who have beaten breast cancer. They must be introduced to the doctors and experts who have saved many such women. Positive thinking is very important for the long-term survival of cancer patients.

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